Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trapping Activity Jan 4 - 7

Sandestin volunteers continue to monitor and trap in the Beachwalk area to ensure all cats fall under current guidelines. Most cats trapped had their ears cropped, verifying that they have been sterilized and vaccinated. 5 did not have their ears cropped.

Of those 5 cats, only 2 had not been previously sterilized:

FFSD100004 young brown tabby male Beachwalk

FFSD100001 brown tabby male Beachwalk
The skin tear on his nose was superficial. The wound was treated.

The remaining 3 cats had already been sterilized. They had their ears cropped for future identification and received a full examination and rabies booster:

FFSD100005 siamese female Beachwalk

FFSD100006 siamese female Beachwalk

FFSD100003 black female Beachwalk

One very elusive female cat was trapped in Deerwood this week with the assistance of a helpful Deerwood homeowner. This cat had recently had kittens and was likely to become pregnant again as early as February of this year. One kitten was recovered in December, fostered and socialized. She is now at Petsmart available for adoption. Many thanks to the people who help us monitor traps and report on the cat population - we could not do this work without you!

FFSD100002 solid gray female Beachwalk

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