Monday, January 18, 2010

Sam lost the battle but is still hanging on!

Poor little Sam. We got him to the vet this morning for another evaluation. Even the non-vets among us knew things didn't look good...

There was nothing the antibiotics could do for him, the leg was falling apart before our eyes. The vet confirmed our worst fears and told us surgery was necessary or Sam might go into septic shock and we would lose him.

They called in a vet who specializes in this type of surgery and later in the afternoon Sam was recovering from surgery and doing well. He's the sweetest little cat we've ever seen and we're sorry he had to lose his leg but we are determined that Sam will get a good home for the rest of his life. Want to help? Click on the link below to help cover some of Sam's medical bills -

Sam comes home from the Vet soon and we'll have lots of pictures. Stay tuned!

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  1. I just made a donation (it will probably show as coming from 'Julia'), and I hope lots of others will as well. He looks a lot like one of my cats, Boo, who I took in when he was a feral kitten in crisis eleven or so years ago. Please give Sam a kiss for me.