Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something to Wag about!

Stamps to the Rescue -

For all of us who still use 'snail mail', what a cute way to send your letters off in style:

Raising awareness for shelter animals, 44 cents at a time...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trapping Activities the Week of March 8

4 cats were trapped this week in the neighborhoods of Tivoli and Prestwick place. Two cats from Tivoli and one cat from Prestwick place all tested positive for diseases that might be spread to the larger cat population and these cats were euthanized at the vet while under sedation.

One female cat from Prestwick Place was spayed and will be returned to the neighborhood after she recovers from surgery.

FFSD100033 female Prestwick Place

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sam's Lucky Day

Sam's lucky day was last Wednesday, March 3rd. He had spent around 3 weeks living with Bennie but we all knew it was time for him to find a permanent home. His wound had healed and he was starting to play and act just like any other kitten his age.

Tuesday, we got the phone call from Sandy in Niceville. She had seen Sam on Alaqua's Facebook page and fallen in love with him. We arranged to meet at PetSmart in Destin on Wednesday afternoon. Sam and Bennie had one last snuggle before I packed him up in his carrier and took him off to meet his potential parent.

Andrea and Leanne met me at PetSmart - we were all excited to meet Sam's new mom and it gave us all a chance to see Sam one more time. We got there a little early and everyone seemed nervous, even Sam.

When Sandy arrived, we knew she was the perfect human for Sam. They really hit it off well and with three other cats and a chihuahua in the house, Sam was sure to have some playmates.

a few days, Sandy emailed to ask what type of dry cat food Sam enjoyed. It seemed Sam was not eating much. I responded with "Meow Mix" but Sandy's next email explained what Sam really wanted. It seemed he was shy and a little nervous so the only way he would eat was if Sandy held the bowl for him. We're sure he'll get past the shyness soon and Sandy reports that his purr machine has started up and he is enjoying a lot of lap time.

Good luck little Sam - you may only have three legs but you have many life-long fans here in Sandestin. We miss you already...