Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sam the Rescue Cat

Sam has been under our foster care for 4 days now. He was found Saturday afternoon by some homeowners in Beachwalk hanging upside down from a large wire planter stand.
We all thought he had a broken leg but it was actually badly infected with a long laceration. The vet patched him up and gave him antibiotics. It was up to us to feed him and help him mend from his injuries.

He has been a model patient so far and we're all starting to wonder if he really is a feral cat. He has only hissed once at us and does not mind being handled. After his emergency vet visit this weekend, we took him to our favorite vet (Cat Clinic of Destin) on Tuesday to be checked out. Sherry and Dr. Flynn took really good care of him.

Sam started eating more Tuesday night (kitten formula and chicken broth from an eye dropper) and we are hoping he finds the strength to make it to the litter box soon. That would cut down on the clean up considerably!

Wednesday he graduated from eye-dropper to tablespoon. We suspect he's holding out for his own monogrammed cat food bowl...

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  1. OH poor baby! He knows you're really angels in human suits... Are you keeping him?