Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Last Cat of 2009

The Feline Friends Sandestin volunteers have worked hard this year to trap as many feral cats as possible living in and around Sandestin. In just 4 months, 75 cats have been examined, vaccinated, and sterilized. These cats are now protected from disease that might be transmitted to humans and other animals and they cannot reproduce. They will live out the remainder of their short lives in good health, while being fed by numerous caring and concerned Sandestin homeowners. In the last few years, the feral cat population in Sandestin has grown at an alarming rate. Because of the work accomplished by volunteers in 2009, an estimated 400 fewer kittens will be born next year.

Felicity - The last cat of the year is one of the lucky ones. As a small kitten she made friends with a merchant at Baytowne Wharf and they became great friends. After a foster period the cat was given all vaccinations and spayed. Adoption forms were completed and 'Felicity' went to live at her new home in Defuniak Springs. Most feral cats are too far removed from humans to ever become adoptable. Kittens, such as this one, may be the exception - 'Felicity' is one of the lucky ones.

'Felicity' - FFSD090074

Feral cats live a life of fear and starvation. Most people never even see them. Please find it in your heart to donate a little time or money to provide food, medicine, and sterilization for these cats. These cats should not be out there in the first place but until we educated pet owners on the importance of spay and neuter and eliminate the abandonment of cats and kittens, feral cats are a part of our community.

Trapping Activities Dec 28-30

Trapping activities took place in the neighborhoods of Beachwalk and Deerwood this week. Two cats were trapped, both female.

FFSD09073 Female gray tabby - Beachwalk

FFSD09075 Female black kitten - Deerwood
She was REALLY hungry!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trapping activities Dec 14 - 16

A female cat and two kittens (one male / one female) were trapped at One Beachclub. All are doing well after surgery and will be returned Wednesday morning.

On adult female cat was trapped in the Linkside neighborhood.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trapping Activity Dec 9th & 10th

Trapping activities continued at Beachwalk - two cats were trapped. One young female and one small kitten. The small female was spayed and released, the kitten will be fostered and placed at PetSmart for adoption.

Beachwalk female tabby FFSD090066

Beachwalk tabby kitten female FFSD090068

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trapping Activity Dec 7th & 8th

Three cats were trapped Monday afternoon. Two female cats in the Beachwalk neighborhood. One male cat in the Linkside neighborhood.

Black male Beachwalk - FFSD090067

Gray Tabby Female Beachwalk - FFSD090063

Orange Tabby Female Beachwalk - FFSD090065